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Can Rottweiler Go Well With Cats?

Do Rottweilers Get Along with Cats
Written by Rashi Garg

Do Rottweilers get along with cats? Do you think that cats do not get well with the dogs? Do you think it is right to have a dog as a pet along with a cat? Or it can be a problem for you to have a cat with your Rottweiler?

Rottweiler goes well with a cat when you socialize them properly. You need to train a Rottweiler to accept the cat. Rottweiler is, however, a protective dog and suddenly lashes out if it feels to be frightened. Let your Rottweiler learn how it can adjust with a cat or some other animal. It is the fundamental duty to help both pets to live together.

Do Rottweilers Get Along with Cats

Rottweiler is a territorial breed and has earned a reputation to be violent dogs. However, it is not all true. These dogs get well with the cats even in a better way than doing well with other dogs. It generally happens only when you socialize your dog accurately and mainly if you raise them around other animals.

The ideal place for a Rottweiler to come home is the home that has two or more cats before. In this way, the Rottweiler will become friendly with other animals that are around it every time. They get raised with cats and do not know anything else.

Rottweiler is much protective of its owner and family. If you raise Rottweiler around a cat then they think cats would be family members. And with this, they will do anything to protect them. They believe that their family needs protection.

Why socialize your Rottweiler?

Do Rottweilers Get Along with Cats

Every case is not that ideal that a Rottweiler can live with a cat or not. Rottweiler never comes to the home as a puppy. They can be the only pet at home. And after some time you bring it home and then it becomes difficult for a Rottweiler to accept a cat at home. It is precisely a different case. Hence it is not that easy to predict what can happen next. Thus it is very important to socialize a Rottweiler. It has a lot of traits to be protective. It can generally happen without proper training. A Rottweiler might show violence and aggression always.

A Rottweiler needs to know how it must behave around other animals and people. If you perform this, then it is straightforward to introduce a cat to a Rottie. You can take your dog outside to play in the parks and meet other people and animals around. It will be helpful to give them the same environment as other pets. Take your pet to neighbors, friends, or family houses so that they can meet them.

How can you introduce a cat to a Rottweiler?

Well, there are a lot of scenarios that might occur and need to face to give an introduction between a cat and a Rottweiler. Here again, the basic principle is applied. You need to provide full attention to each situation that you undergo. One important feature is not to leave a Rottweiler with a cat until they get introduced to each other appropriately. They both must be comfortable with each other. Introduce a Rottweiler on a leash.

Do not force a dog in any situation. If a dog is not ready at all to talk to someone, then it would badly end out. They can even hurt someone. You should let Rottweiler catch him or surprise him. Your Rottweiler would see and know you to protect them. They will, however, trust you to bring in a new situation. You should not give them a chance not to trust you.

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