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Ways Rottweiler Says “I Love You”

3 Ways Rottweiler Say I love you
Written by Rashi Garg

How to know if your Rottweiler Says I love you? Dogs are a very vital part of human life because they serve their life for humans. Many people get attracted to various dogs, and even some of them prefer to keep dogs at home as their family members. But it is also an important fact that dogs love their owners, and they show their love through various factors. One such dog is Rottweiler; they show their affection towards their owner with some remarkable features. They easily show their love, but owners need to understand them completely by spending time with them.  


Rottweiler is one of the loyal as well as devoted dogs, and they like to pay attention to their owners. They learn with keen attention and need a significant amount of exercise. They have a sporting body that needs to get protected with healthy food and good practice. They get adapted to any situation very quickly because of their mind-catching power. It becomes evident for a dog to get attracted to its owner because of pure nature. They can show their affection and attraction in many different ways. You should know about all these factors when you are keeping Rottweiler as your pet dog at home.

 But it is also essential for you to know that every Rottweiler does not have the same personality of affection. This dog differs in showing their attraction feeling to their owners. These dogs do not show love quickly, and they do not kiss or hug for showing affection to their owners, but they do show some other signs which will help you know about their love feeling. It is because dogs and humans have a different way of showing love; they can never treat each other with the same actions. Some of the salient features about Rottweiler will help you to indicate their loving mood. 

1 Leaning of Rottweiler against you

Leaning against you is one of the ways rottweiler says I love you. You will sometimes note that your dog is leaning against you while you are standing. When you are standing, and suddenly you will feel some pressure on your leg, this will indicate that your Rottweiler is leaning on your leg. You may also contact the same case while you are sitting, and this will help you to know that Rottweiler loves you a lot. They want to get attached so close and do not want to leave you; that is why you will always find them leaning against you. It affects some lightweight humans because they may get unbalanced by sudden leaning of dog. 

2 The purr of Rottweiler

It is not most important that every Rottweiler purr because some of them show their love by being close to their owners. It is essential for you to know that your dog loves your touch or not, then you can check this by stop petting them. Then if they nudge your hand, that means they like your bit and want you very close. 

3 Love licks of Rottweiler dog

Now again rottweiler says I love you by licking your face. In old times, it gets noticed that dogs used to lick their mother to get regurgitate. It was essential for them to touch because it was difficult for dogs of mothers to take their kid’s carcass to a den, so they use to feed their kids by the process of regurgitating. Now, also we can see dogs licking their owners because of the affection of showing submission feel. It gets felt that dogs lick their owners when they want to show love to their owners. Licking of dog is a form of showing love and affection towards humans.

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