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How to put weight on my rottweiler
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Rottweiler growth and weight it matters the most in humans and even dogs to have a good height. Your Rottweiler must not too big or too short. It must be just right height dog. Here are answers to Rottweiler growth and weight according to the Rottweiler growth chart. Like other breed dogs, these Rottweilers are individuals, and thus they can have varying height, personality, size, and structure.

There is nothing like the fact one size fits all in Rottweiler to judge its weight or its growth. It is just a way to reach approximation to puppy weight estimations. This growth formula can help you evaluate a puppy’s development and thus give you an idea he is above or below the average you have calculated. But this not to consider saying an average puppy.

Rottweiler Growth Chart

Rottweiler Growth And Weight Chart

We are all precious and unique. The weight of a Rottweiler is essential if there is some health concern.

Rottweiler weight estimates and average Rottweiler weights

Rottweiler’s are like a child to its owner. They are sturdy and big dogs that owners worry, obsess, and fret for growth and weight gain. It usually happens when they find a Rottweiler growth and weight chart in their hands. If you feel proud to be an owner of a Rottie, then set in your mind that it is a slow-growing and large dog. It takes 8 to 10 months to get mature.

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At what age is a Rottweiler full grown?

Rottweilers take a long way to their final size. At 9 months of age, you can expect your Rottweiler to reach its maximum height and its total weight around two years old, Rottweilers might not get to full adult weight until they turn three years old or even more than that. It is essential to realize that your pup will not gain weight in one day. If you try something from your side to improve its weight, then it may lead to health issues, including bone and joint problems. There is no such thing to consider as an average puppy.

Rottweiler Growth and weight Chart for Puppy

There could include a good range of possible weight of Rottweiler at any age. It can happen that your Rottweiler would be at the lower end, higher end. In the middle, or can be below the figures. Even the weight of a Rottweiler is gender-specific, but no one realizes this. There is a big difference between the weight of a female and a male pup at the same age. Females generally lie on the lower end of the medium weight scale and males on the higher end of the weight scale. However, they may vary even.

Rottweiler Age Average Rottweiler Weight
Birth 12 oz- 1.3 lbs
One week 1.7 lbs-2.5 lbs
Two weeks 2.8 lbs-3.6 lbs
Three weeks 3.6 lbs-4.8 lbs
Four weeks 4.8 lbs-6.4 lbs
Five weeks 6.5-8.5 lbs
Six weeks 9-11 lbs
Seven weeks 10-13.5 lbs
Eight weeks 12-16 lbs
Three months 34-39 lbs
Four months 44-51 lbs
Five months 54-61 lbs
Six months 64-71lbs
Eight months 75-85 lbs
Ten months 85-95 lbs
12 months 90-105 lbs
24 months 105-120 lbs

If you feel concerned and want to have a close eye on the weight of a pup, then get a scale for your Rottweiler. They turn to be cheap, and it helps you to maintain Rottweiler’s weight throughout your lifetime.

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Growth Chart for Puppy(Height)

The average height of a Rottweiler also varies according to age. Each pup is different from each other, and so here we have averaged in height according to weight. When it comes to height, then female Rottweiler height is less than that of a male. But for four months, the female is taller than the male.

Rottweiler Age Average Rottweiler Height
Two months 13-13.5 inches
Three months 18.5- 19 inches
Four months 20-21 inches
Five months 21.5-22 inches
Six months 23-23.5 inches
Eight months 24.5-25.5 inches
Ten months 25-26.5 inches
12 months 25-26.5 inches
24 months 25-26-5 inches

Consult the chart above to maintain the proper growth of your pup in height too.

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